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i know i talked about it at our Nano cabin, but i will re-emphasize here:

you guys GOTTA check this site out.


virtual whiteboard. endless space. you can make multiple boards (tho only three may be private). you can invite friends to view/contribute to boards. you can make charts and use post-its and add images and videos and all sorts of fun things.

it's PERFECT for story plotting and figuring out all things writing.

my current plot boards are private but I decided to set up a public one for cast lists. i don't mind sharing the Darkest Hour one because really there are no spoilers to be had here yet.

https://realtimeboard.com/app/40658391/DH-casting/ [work in progress obviously]

oh and when you view, hit the zoom out button (microscope with a minus sign) cuz when it initially loads it will be huge!

but i'm loving how this is so easy to set up--now when I get down to it, it will be SO much easier to picture whoever i'm writing, OC-wise and see who's connected to where.
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slowly adding our various interests. just thought of this: do you two have any other LJs you use on a regular basis? if so, let me know their usernames and go ahead and apply for membership--this way you do not have to switch names to have access to here. :) (especially useful since LJ can be a real so-and-so at times :P)

and as you saw, the recommendations list is up. if you have any favorites in any of your chosen fandoms that you have listed, go ahead and leave me comments on that post with the info and i'll make a section for them and get them added :)

side note - Kindred: The Embraced....wasn't that the show Stacy played a vampiress in? is it available to watch anywhere?

and have you two seen her in the episode of NCIS she guest-starred in? i rewatched it on my DVDs a short while ago. she did great and i'm kinda envious that she got to work with Mark Harmon :P